Outback Aussie Bush MatesOutback Aussie Bush Mates

Outback Aussie Bush Mates




Materials: 100% silk chiffon

Size: 65cm*180cm

Machine hemmed

Digital print

Ships worldwide from Australia

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Created and designed in Geelong, Australia.


“Aussie Bush Mates”             Photography: 2010, 2012 and 2015.

Destination: Australia, Victoria.

Left: Eastern Grey Kangaroo – Middle: Koala – Right: Emu with three chicks.

Subject: Iconic Australian animals.

The Kangaroo and Koala are marsupials carrying their young in a pouch.

Early explorers described them as creatures with heads like deer, standing upright like men, and hopping like frogs! Koalas were described as “New Holland Sloths, torpid, senseless creatures void of elegance”. Emus are the second largest living Bird. In Aboriginal mythology, a creation myth says that the sun was made by throwing an Emu’s egg into the sky.

Image©Dallas and John Heaton


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