Eucalyptus BarkEucalyptus Bark

Eucalyptus Bark




Materials: 100% silk chiffon

Size: 65cm*180cm

Machine hemmed

Digital print

Ships worldwide from Australia

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Created and designed in Geelong, Australia.


“Eucalyptus Bark”                          Photography: December 2015

Destination: Australia, Victoria, Falls Creek                                                                        Subject: Ironbark.

Eucalyptus is a diverse genus of flowering trees and shrubs  which dominate the tree flora of Australia. The appearance of the Eucalyptus bark varies with the age of the plant, the manner of bark shed, the length of the bark fibre, the degree of furrowing, thickness, hardness, and colour. Mature Eucalypts put on an annual layer of bark which increases the diameter of the tree stem.

Image©Dallas and John Heaton



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