Peacock amongst the FernsPeacock amongst the Ferns

Peacock amongst the Ferns




Materials: 100% silk chiffon

Size: 65cm*180cm

Machine hemmed

Digital print

Ships worldwide from Australia

Shipping within Australia free

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Created and designed in Geelong, Australia.


“Peacock amongst the Ferns”            Photography:  December 2016

Destination: Australia, Tasmania, Launceston, Cataract Gorge                                          Subject:  Peacock and Tree Ferns.

The Indian Peacock has iridescent blue and green plumage which he displays as part of his courtship ritual. Peafowl were Introduced to Australia in the 19th Century..

Dicksonia Antartica is a species of evergreen tree fern native to Eastern Australia.

Image©Dallas and John Heaton


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