Warrumbungle RoosWarrumbungle Roos

Warrumbungle Roos




Materials: 100% silk chiffon

Size: 65cm*180cm

Machine hemmed

Digital print

Ships worldwide from Australia

Shipping within Australia free

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Created and designed in Geelong, Australia.


 “Warrumbungle Roos”                     Photography: September  2011

Destination: Australia, New South Wales, Warrumbungle National Park                                Subject: Kangaroos grazing.

The Warrumbungle National Park is abundant with native Australian wildlife. The Eastern Grey Kangaroo is an iconic marsupial mammal living in mobs of 10 or more. It is found over most of the Eastern States in habitats ranging from semi-arid scrub to woodlands. “Aussies” like to shorten words and Kangaroos are often referred to as “Roos”.

Image©Dallas and John Heaton


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